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Fox Sports and AEG Launch New Men’s Postseason College Basketball Tournament, The College Basketball Crown, in Las Vegas

BySamantha Jones

Apr 3, 2024
Fox Sports to Create Own College Basketball Tournament

In 2025, Fox Sports and live event promoter AEG will launch a new men’s postseason college basketball tournament called the College Basketball Crown. This tournament will take place in Las Vegas from March 31-April 6, leading up to the NCAA’s Final Four. The aim of this tournament is to attract viewers outside of March Madness and provide high-quality postseason college basketball opportunities for schools that did not make the NCAA Tournament.

Fox Sports executive VP Jordan Bazant expressed his excitement about being at the forefront of efforts to elevate the sport and provide more opportunities for student-athletes to compete for the College Basketball Crown. AEG chief revenue officer Todd Goldstein also shared his enthusiasm for the new tournament, stating that they are thrilled to work alongside Fox Sports and the Big Ten, Big 12, and Big East conferences to create a unique experience for fans and elevate the global sports landscape.

Las Vegas was chosen as the perfect destination for the College Basketball Crown due to its ideal setting to enhance the excitement of postseason college basketball. Schools from the Big East, Big 12, and Big Ten have performed well in NCAA tournaments, earning a significant number of bids this year. With the addition of this new tournament, even more opportunities will be available for teams to compete in postseason play and showcase their talent on a national stage.

The College Basketball Crown will feature at least two teams each from the Big East, Big 12, and Big Ten conferences, with the rest of the field selected by a committee. This means that there will be plenty of excitement as some of the best teams from these conferences face off in an epic battle for supremacy.

Fox Sports and FS1 will be televising all games during this tournament, providing excellent coverage that can be viewed nationwide. This means that fans from all over can watch their favorite teams play against some of their biggest rivals on a national stage.

In conclusion, it’s clear that Fox Sports and AEG are excited about creating a new men’s postseason college basketball tournament called The College Basketball Crown. This tournament promises to be an exciting addition to March Madness with its unique format featuring at least two teams each from major conferences such as Big East, Big 12 and Big Ten along with other top teams selected by a committee.

By Samantha Jones

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