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From a Timid Youth to a Strong Leader: The Journey of Kennedy


Nov 21, 2023

On this day, exactly 60 years ago, American President John F. Kennedy was assassinated while riding in a motorcade through Dallas, Texas. The story of the Kennedy family is one of hard-to-explain tragedies, with each member facing their own unique set of challenges and losses. Jack’s sister Rosemary suffered from a terrible lobotomy at the age of 18, leaving her completely immobile for the rest of her life. Two years older than Rosemary, Kathleen died in a plane crash in the French Alps at the age of 26. Jack’s older brother Joe served in World War II and was killed in action during the Battle of Okinawa. Their brother Robert was also killed while campaigning for president in 1968.

The Kennedy family continued to face tragedy after John’s assassination as well. In the years that followed, several of their children died under mysterious circumstances. The details surrounding these deaths have been shrouded in secrecy and conspiracy theories, leaving many questions unanswered about what really happened to them.

This special feature explores the tragic history of the Kennedy family and sheds light on some of the hard-to-explain events that have led to their downfall. It includes interviews with surviving members of the family as well as experts who offer their insights into what may have caused these tragedies and why they continue to haunt us today. Don’t miss out on this exclusive look into one of America’s most tragic families! You can read more in our special feature that comes out with the printed edition on Wednesday, November 22, 2023

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