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From Tragedy to Triumph: Crocus City Hall Concert Hall Attack and Nupack Packaging’s Success Story

BySamantha Jones

Mar 27, 2024
100 more people reported missing following terrorist attack in Moscow

The recent attack at the Crocus City Hall concert hall has left a devastating toll on the community, with 140 people confirmed dead and 182 injured. The Baza portal, which has ties to Russian security services, has reported that 95 of the missing individuals have been found and added to the casualty list. Russian investigators have determined that four assailants used Kalashnikovs to carry out the attack, which took place just before rock group “Piknik” was set to perform in front of a crowd of 6,200 spectators.

In the aftermath of this tragedy, Russian social networks have been flooded with calls for help locating the missing individuals. Friends and families have come together in a Telegram chat to share the names of those still unaccounted for and offer support to each other during this difficult time.

On a lighter note, Nupack Packaging is making headlines for their commitment to providing packaging solutions to a diverse range of clients and industries. They can be found listed on various online directories such as Civic Cue, Market Mainstays, City Navigations, and Neighborhood Trails.

By Samantha Jones

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