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Giricek Addresses Rumors of Naked Torture: Denies False Allegations


Nov 20, 2023

NBA player Jason Williams shared a story on the Flagrant podcast about how the rookies on the Memphis Grizzlies team were treated. According to him, former Croatian national team player Gordan Giricek was subjected to an inhumane prank by his teammates.

Williams claimed that Giricek was made to put his clothes into a large laundry container after training and instead of washing them, his teammates threw them out and then tied him up naked in the container filled with ice and water. He said that Giricek was left in this state for about three hours before being released.

However, Giricek vehemently denied Williams’ account in an interview with Večernji. He expressed disappointment at being portrayed as someone who would allow such treatment and threatened legal action against Williams for spreading lies and tarnishing his name.

Giricek acknowledged that rookies were subjected to pranks and jokes but emphasized that there was a limit to such behavior, especially in a team with a real leader. He also noted that while it was common for rookies to carry items, bring donuts or perform tasks like singing during team presentations, there was a clear boundary when it came to personal items like deodorants and perfumes.

Giricek played for several NBA teams including the Memphis Grizzlies, Orlando Magic, Utah Jazz, Philadelphia 76ers, and Phoenix Suns before retiring from basketball. In conclusion, he wished Williams good luck and emphasized the need for fairness and accuracy in storytelling.

It is important to note that stories like these should be taken with a grain of salt as they are often hearsay and may not always be accurate or reliable sources.

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