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Goff-St. Brown Duo Eager to Extend Partnership in Detroit: Lions’ Top Priority for Contract Talks

BySamantha Jones

Mar 27, 2024
Lions focusing on extending contracts for Jared Goff and Amon-Ra St. Brown

Wide receiver Amon-Ra St. Brown and quarterback Jared Goff have built a strong bond on the field for the Lions over the past three seasons. With both players entering contract years, the team is eager to extend their partnership for the long term. Head coach Dan Campbell emphasized the importance of securing new deals for Goff and St. Brown before their current contracts expire. He mentioned that these negotiations are a top priority for the team.

During the Scouting Combine, the Lions held discussions with St. Brown’s representatives to kickstart contract talks. Goff has also expressed his desire to remain in Detroit for the foreseeable future. With both players showing a willingness to stay with the Lions, it appears that negotiations are moving in a positive direction. This bodes well for the team as they look ahead to next season and beyond.

As both players enter their contract years, it is clear that they have formed a strong bond on and off the field with each other and with head coach Dan Campbell. The team’s success is dependent on their ability to secure new deals with Goff and St. Brown, as they believe that this partnership will be key to their continued growth and success.

Goff has been instrumental in developing St. Brown’s skills as a wide receiver, while St. Brown has provided Goff with targets on which he can excel as a quarterback.

The Lions have already started discussing terms with both players’ representatives during the Scouting Combine, indicating that they want them to stay in Detroit beyond 2021.

Goff has stated that he wants to continue playing alongside St. Brown in Detroit for many years to come, giving hope to fans who are looking forward to seeing this talented duo back together next season.

With both players showing interest in staying with the Lions, it looks like negotiations will be successful, securing their future together on the team for many more seasons.

In conclusion, Goff and St. Brown’s partnership is crucial for Lions’ success, as they have shown great potential together in previous seasons.

Their willingness to sign new contracts before their current ones expire is good news for fans who want them back together next year and beyond.

By Samantha Jones

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