• Sat. Dec 9th, 2023

Heroic Father Saves Child from Dog Attack, Suffers Injuries in Process


Nov 20, 2023

A brave employee at Dubrava Clinical Hospital in Zagreb underwent surgery on Saturday after saving a child from a dog attack on Bernarda Vukas Street. The man sustained severe physical injuries to both hands, including tendon and cartilage damage. His recovery is uncertain, but the hospital has confirmed that he will make a full recovery.

The incident occurred around 3 pm when the man saw a child being attacked by a rabid dog. The dog had the child by the hood of his jacket with its teeth while a woman nearby tried to separate it from the child with a leash. Without hesitation, the man jumped onto the dog and used his bare hands to pull it away from the child. In doing so, the dog bit his hands several times.

Following the attack, the woman with the dog and the child moved away, leaving everyone shocked by their actions. The man was taken to KB Dubrava for medical attention before being transferred to Dubrava Clinical Hospital for surgery. The hospital has expressed its gratitude towards their employee and hopes for a quick recovery as they are all inspired by his heroic act of defending a child from danger. A criminal investigation is currently underway as authorities continue to search for those responsible for this heinous act of violence against innocent people and animals alike.

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