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Hungarian President Resigns Over Controversial Pardon: A Lesson in Accountability


Feb 11, 2024
Hungarian President Resigns After Admitting Mistake – Watch the Announcement on Video | Global News

Hungary’s President, Katalin Novák, has announced her resignation after admitting that she made a mistake in pardoning a man convicted of covering up a sex abuse case at a children’s home. In a televised address on Saturday, Novák issued an apology to any victims who felt she had not stood with them and called for the man to be held accountable for his actions.

The controversy surrounding the pardon has posed a significant challenge for Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, who has been criticized for his handling of the issue. The local news site 444.hu reported on the issue, which led to outrage and calls for Novák to step down from Hungary’s opposition. Despite facing criticism, Orbán has maintained that he supports the pardon and believes it was the right decision.

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