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Hungary’s Diplomatic Balancing Act: Stance on Ukraine and Relationship with Russia

BySamantha Jones

Mar 27, 2024
Hungary’s top diplomat warns that presence of Western troops in Ukraine could lead to world war, tells Russian media

Hungary has expressed its stance on the conflict in Ukraine by stating that it will not be sending weapons or soldiers to the country. Prime Minister Viktor Orbán emphasized the importance of caution when considering the possibility of sending troops to Ukraine on behalf of NATO member states.

Despite this, Hungary has maintained a close relationship with Russia and opposes sending additional funds and weapons to Kyiv. Prime Minister Orbán has even congratulated Russian President Vladimir Putin on his recent election victory, which many Western countries viewed as fraudulent.

However, Szijjártó highlighted the importance of open communication channels with Russia and stressed that Putin and Orbán are able to hold talks whenever necessary. This demonstrates Hungary’s stance on maintaining diplomatic relations with Russia, despite the conflicts and tensions in the region.

By Samantha Jones

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