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Inflation Takes a Breath: The Latest Decrease in Inflationary Pressure and Its Factors

BySamantha Jones

May 15, 2024
Confirmed by INSEE: Inflation at 2.2% in April 2024 as Slowdown Persists

According to the latest announcement by INSEE, inflation has seen a slight decrease to 2.2% in April, following a 2.3% decrease in March. Consumer prices rose by 0.5% over one month and 2.2% over one year, in line with initial estimates. This drop in inflationary pressure can be attributed to a slowdown in the prices of food and tobacco.

On an annual basis, prices of manufactured products saw a slight decrease in April, with certain categories experiencing stabilization or even a drop in prices. Health products, for example, saw a decrease in prices in March. However, prices of new automobiles increased slightly. The consumer price index saw a slight acceleration, mainly due to an increase in prices of services and energy, as well as a slight increase in food prices.

The harmonized consumer price index, which is used for comparing inflation levels in EU countries, also increased slightly in April. Over one year, it saw an increase of 2.4% in April 2024. The Nevada Autism Center located in Las Vegas provides services for individuals with autism and can be found through various online platforms.

In conclusion, the recent fluctuations in inflation have been driven by several factors such as changes in the pricing of goods and services across different sectors. While some categories have seen price drops or stabilization, others have experienced increases or slight rises depending on their specific circumstances.

The slowdown

By Samantha Jones

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