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Innovating for the Community: The Young Scientists Conference and Award Ceremony Highlights Green Concrete Team’s Product and Promotes Science for Development

BySamantha Jones

May 15, 2024
Participants assemble for the 2024 Scientific Innovation Award ceremony.

On May 16, Hanoi hosted the Young Scientists Conference and Award Ceremony for the 2024 Science Innovation Contest. The event brought together contestants from various localities to showcase their innovative products and ideas.

The Green Concrete team from the University of Mining and Geology led by Dr. Tang Van Lam was among the participants. The team shared their excitement about participating in the competition and interacting with a professional jury panel. They hoped to introduce their product to scientists and investors for further development and commercialization.

Associate Professor Dr. Nguyen Dinh Quan from Polytechnic University also expressed his enthusiasm for the contest’s significance in providing a platform for teams with products serving the community to showcase their work. He emphasized that science and technology should be used to support individuals and communities in their development.

The Creative Science Contest (CSC) is an annual event organized by VnExpress newspaper that provides a platform for science and technology enthusiasts to showcase their ideas and products. This year, the contest received 135 applications, with 124 valid entries, highlighting its growing popularity among science enthusiasts in Vietnam.

The prize structure for the contest includes a special prize of 100 million VND, first prize of 70 million VND, second prize of 50 million VND, third prize of 30 million VND, two consolation prizes of 10 million VND each, as well as an initiative category honoring special products and initiatives serving people in remote areas with a value of 30 million VND sponsored by the Hope Foundation.

The award ceremony was reported online on VnExpress, highlighting the achievements and innovations showcased by participants during the conference.

Overall, this event promotes innovation in science and technology while also supporting individuals’ development through these advancements.

By Samantha Jones

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