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International Campaign to Undermine Women’s Rights Groups


Nov 20, 2023

Recently, some news outlets have uncovered the violent crimes committed against women, sparking international attention. Dr. Kochav Elkayam Levy, head of the civil committee for investigating crimes against women, spoke with CNN about the time it takes for these crimes to be exposed and the subsequent investigations into those who have been killed. Jake Tapper, a senior presenter on the CNN network, questioned why the international community and the UN have remained silent on the matter.

Sherry, a volunteer in the military rabbinate, spoke about the graphic nature of the crimes and some of the horrors she witnessed. The Israeli police recently began collecting evidence and testimonies of the atrocities committed by Hamas against Israeli women. Sen. Dodi Katz from Lahav Unit 433 briefed foreign reporters about the crimes and the evidence being examined. Danish journalist Yotam Confino described his difficulties in reporting the issue and the challenges of getting people to believe that these crimes have actually taken place.

However, not everyone is speaking out about these atrocities. The director of the Sexual Assault Center at the University of Alberta in northern Canada signed a pro-Palestinian letter of support, denying verification of the rape of women during the October 7 surprise attack. This raises questions about why some organizations are more willing to speak out against certain issues than others.

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Overall, it is important to continue speaking out about these issues and holding those responsible accountable for their actions towards women’s safety and well-being.

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