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iOS 18: The Most Substantial Update Since the Original iPhone with Customizable Home Screen and AI Features

BySamantha Jones

Mar 25, 2024
Reports indicate that a “New Home Screen” is set to debut on iPhones with the release of iOS 18

The upcoming iOS 18 update is expected to offer iPhone users increased flexibility in customizing their home screens, with the ability to rearrange app icons more easily and add blank spaces, rows, and columns between them. Additionally, new AI tools focused on daily life management are expected to be a key feature of the update.

According to reports, iOS 18 will be the most substantial update since the original iPhone, with a new home screen layout that is more customizable and a range of AI tools to assist users. This marks a significant shift for iPhone users who have been limited in personalizing their home screens compared to Android users.

If the rumored changes come to fruition, iPhone users will be able to create more unique layouts with blank spaces and customized rows and columns on their home screens. While Android users have had more customization options for years, iOS 18 aims to bridge that gap for iPhone owners.

With the addition of new AI features expected in iOS 18, users can anticipate tools that aid in managing their daily lives. Apple is reportedly in talks with Google to bring Google’s AI model Gemini to the iPhone, showcasing a commitment to providing innovative features to users.

Apple is anticipated to announce the iOS 18 update at its annual WWDC event in June, with a public release expected in September. Users can look forward to enhanced customization options and AI features that will offer a new level of functionality and personalization to the iPhone experience.

By Samantha Jones

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