• Sat. Dec 9th, 2023

Ireland Launches Its First National Plan for Quantum Technology Development


Nov 20, 2023

Ireland has recently launched its first national strategy for quantum technologies, Quantum 2030, with the goal of establishing a competitive global hub in this field by 2030. The strategy aims to leverage the potential of emerging growth areas in quantum technologies, where Ireland can gain a competitive advantage.

Quantum computing, which uses the principles of quantum theory to explain energy and material behavior on an atomic and subatomic level, is a key focus area for the strategy. The Irish government seeks to harness this technology’s potential to create a competitive global hub for quantum technologies by 2030.

The national strategy for quantum technologies will require coordinated efforts from Ireland’s quantum technologies community. The aim is to identify emerging growth areas in this field and develop them into competitive advantages that can help establish Ireland as a leader in the global market for these technologies.

To achieve these goals, the Irish government has invested heavily in research and development initiatives aimed at promoting innovation and technological advancements in quantum computing and other related fields. The country has also established partnerships with leading international organizations to promote collaboration and knowledge sharing between experts in this field.

Overall, Quantum 2030 represents an ambitious but achievable goal for Ireland’s growing quantum technologies community. By focusing on emerging growth areas and leveraging partnerships with leading international organizations, Ireland can establish itself as a competitive global hub for these rapidly advancing technologies by 2030.

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