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Israeli Forces Launch Daring Raid to Rescue Two Hostages from Gaza


Feb 13, 2024
The background of Israel’s release of two hostages in a raid on Rafah that lasted an hour and a half

In the south of Gaza Strip, Israeli forces carried out a daring raid to free hostages Fernando Marman and Louis Har. The operation involved intelligence services, elite units, and air forces and lasted for an hour and a half. The entire mission was coordinated by a war room at the Shin Bet’s internal intelligence services.

The raid saw elite units from the Yamam counter-terrorism unit of the police, the Shin Bet, and the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) in action. At 01:49, Israeli forces raided the apartment where the hostages were being held with explosives. The three captors were immediately killed, and the special forces shielded the hostages with their bodies.

After the special forces raid, Hamas men opened fire from nearby buildings while Israeli air force bombed Hamas military sites and command centers. The escape was covered by Shayetet 13 commando of navy and 7th Armored Brigade.

An hour after being pulled from the apartment, Marman and Har were taken out of Rafah in armored vehicles before being put on a helicopter that took them to Israel. After undergoing medical tests, both men were found in good condition and able to hug their families once again. Only one man involved in the raid was slightly injured.

Marman and Har are both Israelis with dual Argentine nationality who were kidnapped during a violent Hamas attack on Kibbutz Nir Yiyzhak on October 7th along with Clara Marman, sister of Fernando Marman; companion of Louis Har; Gabriela Marman; her 17-year-old daughter Mia Leimberg; as well as three other hostages who have not been identified yet. This is only the second successful operation since the beginning of war that has resulted in freeing hostages without any casualties among them or any harm coming to innocent civilians or infrastructure during it’s execution – something Israel has been consistently criticized for failing to achieve despite numerous attempts made by its military establishment which lead only to further escalation of violence resulting in civilian casualties mainly women and children becoming collateral damage due to Israeli attacks on Gaza strip cities like Rafah causing massive destruction across multiple buildings which led to many people getting killed or injured as they run away from their homes trying to find shelter elsewhere amidst all this chaos that continues even now leaving many uncertainties about what might happen next while Palestinian side condemns these actions calling them ‘massacres’ committed against their own people living inside occupied territories that continue to be targeted by Israeli military regardless if they are armed or not because according to international law they have no right to resist occupation but instead should submit quietly under oppressive regime without any hope for future peace negotiations or diplomatic solutions that could lead towards resolving longstanding conflicts between two nations forever trapped in endless cycle of violence leading nowhere except destruction

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