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Israeli News Channel Dismisses Anchor over Comments about Hostage’s Appearance: Controversy over Freedom of Expression

BySamantha Jones

Jun 11, 2024
Israeli anchor fired for comments on rescued hostage appearance

On Saturday, Israeli news channel Keshet 12 fired anchor Lama Tatour after she made comments on Instagram about the appearance of one of the recently rescued hostages. According to a translation by Haaretz, she wrote in an Instagram story: “This is what a girl that’s been in captivity for nine months looks like???” The comment sparked outrage and was swiftly taken down.

Tatour’s Instagram account is now private, and Business Insider was unable to reach her for comment. However, it was reported that Khaled Natur, the show’s producer, announced her dismissal on Saturday. He stated that the network strongly condemned her words and that her work on the show had been terminated immediately.

The incident took place just days after Noa Argamani was rescued from Gaza after being kidnapped during the October 7 Hamas terrorist attack while attending the Nova music festival. In now-viral videos, she was seen being abducted on a motorcycle by Hamas militants, shouting “Don’t kill me.” Images and videos of her reuniting with her family were shared widely online and in the media.

The incident has sparked controversy over freedom of expression and whether it should be restricted in certain circumstances. Some have argued that comments such as those made by Tatour are not appropriate and should not be tolerated in a professional setting. Others have defended her right to express herself freely and have criticized the network for taking disciplinary action against her.

By Samantha Jones

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