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Israel’s Successful Hostage Rescue Could Boost Prime Minister Netanyahu’s Popularity Amid Pressure


Feb 12, 2024
The world was astonished by the daring rescue operation in Rafah to save the kidnapped

The successful rescue of two hostages in Rafah has the potential to increase support for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, despite pressure from the United States not to launch a broad military operation in the region. This comes at a time when Israel is facing opposition from many quarters for its actions in Rafah.

According to reports by “The New York Times,” the rescue was one of the few successful operations carried out in Rafah, highlighting Israel’s ability to carry out complex missions in difficult conditions. Meanwhile, “The Wall Street Journal” detailed Israel’s intention to operate in Rafah, describing it as the last stronghold of Hamas and emphasizing the long firefight and Air Force support that were involved.

Brigadier General Daniel Hagari provided an update on the details of the rescue operation, stating that two hostages, Fernando Simon Marman and Louis Har, were successfully rescued from Rafah. They are currently undergoing medical examinations at Sheba Hospital and are reportedly in good condition. The operation was led by the Special Operations Command of the Shin Bet and carried out by IMM fighters and the Shin Bet’s operational unit.

The success of this mission holds significant political implications for Netanyahu’s support and American pressure. The rescue has garnered attention from major news outlets around the world, highlighting Israel’s ability to carry out complex missions with ease. Furthermore, it has provided an opportunity for Netanyahu to show his leadership skills and demonstrate his commitment to protecting his citizens from harm.

As such, this operation could boost Netanyahu’s popularity among Israeli voters and strengthen his position as prime minister. However, it could also lead to increased tensions with neighboring countries and strain relations with other global powers who may view Israel’s actions as too aggressive or unjustified. Therefore, Netanyahu will need to carefully balance his efforts to protect his citizens with diplomatic considerations if he wants to maintain international support for his government in the long run.

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