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Justin Jefferson: Balancing Reality with Fantasy Football Passion


Nov 21, 2023

When it comes to the return of Minnesota Vikings’ star wide receiver Justin Jefferson, his health is the top priority. Despite being eligible to practice as of November 8, Jefferson plans to wait until he is fully recovered from his hamstring injury before returning to the field. This decision has been made in consultation with team coach Kevin O’Connell, who emphasizes that the team wants to ensure that Jefferson is ready to play at 100% health before bringing him back onto the field.

Since sustaining the injury in Week 5, Jefferson has been sidelined on injured reserve. The Vikings have stated that they will not rush his recovery and may choose to keep him sidelined for the upcoming Monday night game against the Chicago Bears to take advantage of the ensuing bye week. O’Connell explained that this decision is based on what’s best for Jefferson’s long-term career with the Vikings, rather than meeting fantasy football managers’ desires for him to play.

Fans may be disappointed by this news, but Jefferson has made it clear that his health is more important than any short-term gains he might achieve by playing in fantasy football leagues. He emphasized that he wants to be sure he’s fully recovered and ready to perform at his best when he returns to the field.

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