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Kaiser Permanente Supports Proposition 1: A Pivotal Measure to Strengthen California’s Mental Health and Healthcare Systems


Feb 12, 2024
Proposition 1 Aims to Strengthen Mental Health Care in California

Proposition 1 on California’s March ballot is a crucial measure that aims to expand and strengthen the state’s mental health system, as well as modernize and transform the state’s healthcare system. The need for mental health and addiction services has never been greater, and this is why Kaiser Permanente supports Proposition 1.

One of the key aspects of Proposition 1 is the building of desperately needed housing for people with mental illnesses and substance use disorder. Additionally, it seeks to add more capacity for mental health care and drug and alcohol treatment, while also growing a diverse and well-trained workforce to provide mental health care and addiction services.

Greg A. Adams, Kaiser Permanente chair and chief executive officer, emphasized the importance of physical, social, and mental health to a person’s total well-being, and noted that Kaiser Permanente has made significant investments in behavioral health. He sees Proposition 1 as a big opportunity for Californians to take bold and necessary steps towards ensuring everyone who needs care can access it.

The impact of Proposition 1 would be significant, expanding mental health and addiction services for tens of thousands of Californians each year. It would provide housing for over 11,000 people with severe mental health needs, introduce 26,700 additional openings for outpatient treatment, and allocate $1 billion to support veterans who are homeless, have mental illnesses, and addiction.

California voters have until March 5 to cast their votes,

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