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Las Vegas’ Business Security Grant Program: Protecting Local Businesses from Theft and Improving Safety

BySamantha Jones

Mar 27, 2024
Las Vegas businesses receive nearly $1 million to enhance security measures, applications still open for those in need

Las Vegas has been providing security grants to businesses since March, with over $1 million already distributed. The Business Security Grant Program offers up to $10,000 to eligible businesses, covering expenses such as lighting, security cameras, locks and more.

The importance of security measures was highlighted after a series of break-ins at local businesses. Tacotarian, one of the recipients, used the grant to upgrade their camera system which proved useful in identifying the perpetrators of a recent break-in. However, they acknowledged that cameras alone are not enough for complete security.

Over $750,000 has been awarded to 79 businesses in Las Vegas so far. Chops Barbershop and 18bin are some of the recipients who have utilized the funding for various security enhancements like new locks, lighting and camera systems to deter theft and improve public safety.

There is still approximately $250,000 in funding available for businesses within Las Vegas city limits that meet the eligibility criteria. Once selected, businesses receive funds via check after a formal agreement is in place, which typically takes around 30 days. Interested businesses can access the application for the grants through a provided link.

By Samantha Jones

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