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Lockton Welcomes Technology Pro to Boost its Capabilities in Addressing Evolving Risks

BySamantha Jones

Mar 27, 2024
Lockton selects Marsh’s Gill to Develop Technology Specialty Practice

Lockton, a leading independent insurance broker, has recently announced the addition of Manpreet “Preet” Gill to their technology specialty practice. With nearly two decades of experience in the insurance industry, Gill will focus on developing innovative solutions to help businesses mitigate various technology-related risks.

Gill previously worked at Marsh, where he gained extensive expertise in leadership positions within the technology practice. During his time at Marsh, he developed strong relationships with some of the largest and most disruptive technology clients in the industry. His appointment at Lockton underscores the company’s commitment to building a team dedicated to addressing the evolving landscape of dynamic technology risks.

Lockton emphasized that technology risks have become increasingly critical and complex for companies due to shifts in regulations, business models, and consumer preferences. By bringing Gill on board, Lockton aims to enhance its capabilities in addressing these ever-changing risks. This move reflects Lockton’s focus on providing cutting-edge solutions to its clients in the technology sector.

Gill will be based in Lockton’s San Francisco office and will work closely with other members of the technology specialty practice to develop tailored solutions for clients across various industries. His expertise will enable him to provide valuable insights into emerging trends and technologies that impact businesses today. With his experience and knowledge, Gill will help Lockton deliver exceptional service to its clients by identifying potential risks and offering effective risk management strategies.

Overall, this move by Lockton is a significant step towards enhancing its capabilities in addressing complex technology-related risks for businesses. By bringing on board someone with Gill’s level of expertise and experience, Lockton is demonstrating its commitment to providing top-notch service to its clients in the rapidly evolving world of technology.

By Samantha Jones

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