• Fri. Dec 8th, 2023

Massa Stands by Economy Portfolio Amidst Defeat in Argentina’s Presidential Elections


Nov 21, 2023

After acknowledging defeat to Javier Milei in the second round of the presidential elections in Argentina, Sergio Massa has decided to continue as Minister of Economy and has formed a transition team to support the current Peronist president, Alberto Fernández, in his contacts with the elected president. Sources from the Ministry of Economy reported on a meeting that Massa had this Monday with his closest collaborators to create a work team to help the Peronist leader in the government transition with Milei, who will take office on 10 December.

Masa’s decision to stay on as Minister of Economy is significant for the continuity and stability of the country’s economic policies during the transition period. This decision has put an end to speculation about Massa’s future in the government and highlights his commitment to supporting the transition process. Furthermore, the formation of a transition team shows Massa’s readiness to work alongside Milei and demonstrates a spirit of cooperation for the benefit of Argentina.

The collaboration between Massa and Milei remains an important development in the aftermath of the presidential elections. It is clear that both leaders have different ideologies and political views, but it is crucial that they work together for the betterment of their country. Only time will tell how this collaboration will play out, but one thing is certain: it is an important step towards a more stable future for Argentina.

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