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May 26, 2023

I felt the will need to clear up some misinformation that was printed not too long ago. Former congressman and Republican nominee for District Lawyer Tom Marino stated he wanted to begin a Mental Wellness Court in Lycoming County even so, a single currently exists. Former Judge Gray ran Mental Wellness Court and upon his retirement former Judge Lovecchio was to take more than Mental Wellness Court but decided it wasn’t in his nor Mental Wellness Courts very best interest to.

As President Judge, Judge Butts knew this remedy court was crucial to be continued so she added it to her currently complete court schedule. I was fortunate to function as Judge Butts assistant in Lycoming County, she is not only the President Judge and Criminal Judge, but she also operates all 4 Lycoming County Remedy Courts which consist of Drug, DUI, Veterans and Mental Wellness Court. For these courts to be profitable, she functions closely with the District Lawyer, probation officers particular to every Remedy Court and agencies that are particular to the requires of every Remedy Court. So, you see, Mental Wellness Court currently operates in Lycoming County but as most factors in life, there can often be improvements.



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