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Microsoft’s Windows Kin: A Failed Attempt to Compete in the Smartphone Market and a Lesson Learned for Corporate Agility

BySamantha Jones

Mar 26, 2024
Kin: Microsoft’s answer to the latest iPhone and Android smartphones in 2008

In the early 2000s, the smartphone market was dominated by Apple and Google. Microsoft responded with the introduction of their own line of smartphones, led by the legendary HTC Dream. However, Microsoft’s efforts were not enough to compete with the giants in the industry. The company decided to develop a new product, Windows Kin, which aimed to offer a unique experience for users.

The development of Windows Kin caused an internal struggle within Microsoft. While the company had been producing mobile devices for several years, changes were necessary to stay relevant in a rapidly changing market. The project was led by James Allard and completely independent of Andy Lees’ work on Windows Phone. Both teams had different visions for the future of smartphones, leading to internal tension.

Ultimately, Andy Lees emerged victorious and took charge of the Windows Kin project. In April 2010, Microsoft officially presented the product to the public with a focus on social networks and communication. However, this move was not enough to save the product from failure. The marketing campaign faced criticism for promoting questionable behaviors, and both devices launched without essential features such as an app store or instant messaging apps. The keyboard design was also subpar.

In conclusion, while Windows Kin may not have been successful for Microsoft in terms of sales or customer satisfaction, it serves as a reminder of how rapidly technology is changing and how companies must adapt to survive in this fast-paced environment.

By Samantha Jones

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