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Miraculous Survival: 27-year-old Millet Recounts Her harrowing Experience at the Hamas Festival Massacre


Nov 20, 2023

On October 7 at 6:29 am, the Nova Festival in Kibbutz Re’im was a scene of celebration. Millet Ben Haim and her friends were smiling and taking photos, enjoying the festivities. However, their joy was short-lived as air raid sirens went off just two minutes later.

In an instant, the atmosphere changed drastically as Hamas fighters stormed the festival site. The result of the attack was devastating, with 364 festival visitors dead and 40 taken hostage. Millet, lucky to have survived, spoke about the life-changing experience in an interview with the German newspaper Bild. She mentioned that the party was a normal weekend until the music abruptly stopped due to the sound of rockets filling the sky.

Millet and her friends tried to flee in their car but were thwarted when they saw terrorists shooting at people in cars ahead of them. They attempted to go in another direction but were met with similar violence. They ultimately took off on foot through the fields, desperate to escape the terrorists and seek safety.

After hours of wandering and seeking refuge, they eventually hid in a bush with three other women, disguising themselves to avoid being found by the terrorists. Their prayers were answered when Ramy Davidian, a civilian who had saved over a hundred lives that day, found and rescued them.

Now with her family, Millet is grateful to be safe but is struggling to cope with the trauma and loss resulting from the attack. She feels like a different person, unable to connect with friends or family and overwhelmed by

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