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Modrić Bids Farewell in Pursuit of European Championship Victory: A €9.25 Million Triumph


Nov 21, 2023

Croatia is facing their most crucial match yet as they prepare to take on Armenia in their final battle for a spot in the European Championship in Germany. The pressure is high, but with the right strategy and teamwork, Croatia can make history and secure their place in the tournament.

Croatian coach Zlatko Dalić has an opportunity to become the first person to take Croatia to a major competition four times. With a victory over Armenia, he would be etching his name into history books as one of the greatest coaches of all time. However, if Croatia fails to win, it will be a significant disappointment for fans who have been rooting for them throughout this journey.

The starting lineup for Croatia remains largely unchanged from their last match, with Livaković, Stanišić, Šutalo, Erlić, and Gvardiol in the back line, Modrić and Brozović in the middle, and Majer, Kramarić, and Ivanušec forming the offensive trio. Despite some minor injuries to players, Dalić has assured fans that his team will give it their all on the pitch.

The match against Armenia carries financial implications for Croatian Football Association (HNS) as UEFA rewards all national teams that qualify for the European Championship with 9.25 million euros. Dalić understands that winning this match is not just about financial gains but also securing his place in history books as one of the greatest coaches of all time.

If Croatia emerges victorious against Armenia, Luka Modrić will have an opportunity to say goodbye to his national team career on a high note with strong support from fans who have been watching him since his debut. However, before he can celebrate his retirement from international soccer, he must lead Croatia past Armenia first.

The upcoming match promises to be a thrilling affair between two teams with different playing styles and strengths. While Armenia has shown impressive form lately and could pose a challenge to Croatian defense lines, Luka Modric’s experience and leadership skills could prove vital in guiding Croatians towards victory.

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