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Moon Missions on the Forefront: Nokia’s 4g Network and Japan’s Landers Take Flight in 2024


Feb 13, 2024
Nokia joins other companies in flying to the Moon

Moon missions are set to be a hot topic in 2024, with a variety of national space administrations and private space companies taking part. Nokia is testing a 4g network near the Moon’s south pole, while Intuitive Machines plans to send equipment to the Moon including a test station. A private Vulcan launch vehicle has already sent a probe and lander from Florida to the Moon, which is currently attempting to get close to the surface. Japan also has plans to send a lander in January.

Nokia is also experimenting with direct communication to the Moon, sending data and images via a link and attempting to control devices remotely through the mobile phone network. The year 2024 is expected to be busy for moon missions, with many ships and experiments planned as part of NASA projects.

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