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More Women in Science and Engineering: EU Reaches 7.3 Million Women Scientists in 2022


Feb 13, 2024
Eurostat News Reports that 41% of Scientists and Engineers Are Women in Employment

In 2022, the number of female scientists and engineers in the EU increased by 310,500 from the previous year, reaching almost 7.3 million. This accounts for 41% of total employment in science and engineering. Women working as scientists and engineers were primarily employed in the service sector, where they made up 46% of those employed. On the other hand, only 22% of those employed as scientists and engineers were women in manufacturing.

The proportion of female scientists and engineers varied widely among EU member states in 2022, with Denmark, Lithuania (53%) and Bulgaria (51%) having some of the highest proportions. Conversely, Hungary (31%), Finland (32%) and Germany (34%) had lower proportions.

In terms of regional distribution across Europe’s NUTS1 level regions, Lithuania had the highest shares of women employed in science and technology occupations at 64.1%. The French region of Corse also had a high percentage at 63.9%, while Latvia also had a single region at NUTS1 level with a share of 62.7%. On the other hand, the Italian region of Nord-Ovest had one of the lowest shares at just 45.3%, followed by Malta at 45.8% and Sud at 46.1%.

This news item highlights International Day for Women and Girls in Science celebrated on February 11th each year to recognize their contributions to science and technology fields while encouraging more women to pursue careers in these areas.

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