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Mountain Snow Alert: Intense Front Brings Possible Snowfall from Monday to Wednesday


Nov 20, 2023

In Croatia, the weather forecast for Monday calls for strengthening winds from the south, warming temperatures, and new cloud cover, with a chance of light rain in some areas. Tuesday will see rain in most regions, possibly heavy at times, along with thunderstorms and even some snow in mountainous regions. Wednesday will bring cooler temperatures and occasional precipitation, with foggy mornings and the possibility of sleet or snow in high-altitude areas.

On Monday in eastern Croatia, it will be partly sunny with light winds, though more clouds and some rain may develop in the evening. Central Croatia can expect foggy mornings and temperatures between 0 and 5°C, with some rainfall in the evening. The northern Adriatic and highlands will see cloudy weather with frequent rain developing in the evening along with moderate south-westerly winds.

In Dalmatia on Monday it will be mostly cloudy with light rain at the end of day while southern part of Croatia will see gradual increase in cloud cover along moderate southerly winds that eventually strengthens in evening. Temperatures are expected to range from 16 to 18°C.

Tuesday’s weather forecast for the mainland calls for cloudy skies with occasional rain that may turn into strong storms around Velebit potentially causing heavy snowfall in mountainous regions. Wednesday’s temperatures are expected to drop further leading to sleet or snow that may cause disruptions to travel plans on Thursday as there is a chance of precipitation stopping and sunshine returning to some areas.

The Adriatic region on Tuesday is expected to experience cloudy skies with occasional rain along with thunderstorms that may become very intense by Wednesday around Velebit potentially leading to severe weather conditions.

Overall, this week’s weather forecast calls for a gradual transition from warm temperatures to cooler ones accompanied by more frequent precipitation events that could cause disruptions to travel plans across various parts of Croatia.

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