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Nebraska’s Staggering Tax Overhaul: Balancing Property Tax Relief and Revenue Generation Concerns

BySamantha Jones

Mar 28, 2024
Property tax relief bill proposes shifting burden to sales taxes, raising concerns for business owners

Nebraska’s legislative body is currently debating a historic tax package aimed at providing relief to property owners amidst the state’s tax system being likened to an unbalanced stool. Governor Jim Pillen, who has made this issue a priority, described the proposed package as transformational. However, some state senators have expressed concerns about shifting the burden to consumers through sales tax increases.

Organizations like the Nebraska Chamber of Commerce have opposed such measures, arguing that businesses could suffer from specific hikes like a proposed 100% tax on CBD and hemp products, which could negatively impact sales tax revenue. Sarah Linden, CEO of Grateful Green, highlighted the negative impact on lower to middle-income individuals who rely on these products for medical purposes.

At Brewsky’s Food and Spirits, owner Brian Kitten expressed worry about a proposed 20% tax on games of skill machines. Kitten emphasized the importance of these machines in generating revenue and feared that implementing this tax could lead to further financial difficulties for his business. Despite this concern, the goal remains to provide much-needed property tax relief to Nebraskans, though the path to achieving this relief is still being discussed in the legislative chamber.

By Samantha Jones

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