• Wed. Dec 6th, 2023

Netanyahu: Palestinian Authority’s Return to Gaza Denies Festival Massacre


Nov 21, 2023

After the devastating conflict in Gaza and the West Bank, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has ruled out any return of the Palestinian Authority (PA) to power in the occupied territories. This decision was made after several Israeli media reported on American President Joe Biden’s plea for a reunification of Gaza and the West Bank under a “revitalized Palestinian Authority.” However, Netanyahu disagrees with this plan, stating that the PA is not capable of taking responsibility for Gaza after their actions during the war.

Netanyahu went further and accused Mahmoud Abbas, the head of the Palestinian Authority, of “denying” the massacre at the Tribe of Nova Festival. He also claimed that Abbas has refused to condemn Hamas’ 44-day massacre and is now denying its existence. This statement was made by Netanyahu in reference to a statement from the PA claiming that an Israeli armed forces helicopter caused collateral damage while trying to eliminate Hamas terrorists who were attacking the festival. Information that could not be verified by Parisian authorities.

Netanyahu made it clear that he will not allow Abbas or any other leader running civilian administration in Gaza to deny terrorism or support it. He also stated that they will not be allowed to pay for it or educate their children for terrorism and destruction of Israel’s statehood.

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