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New Changes at Amazon Fresh: Say Goodbye to ‘Just Walk Out’ and Welcome the ‘Amazon Dash Cart’

BySamantha Jones

Apr 3, 2024
Amazon is discontinuing the use of ‘Just Walk Out’ technology in grocery stores

Amazon Fresh stores in the United States are undergoing some changes. The company has decided to eliminate its “Just Walk Out” technology, which allowed customers to pick up items and leave without waiting in a checkout line. Instead, Amazon is introducing the “Amazon Dash Cart.” This new technology allows shoppers to scan items and place them in a cart, with payments made automatically as they exit the store.

Jessica Martin, an Amazon spokesperson, mentioned that the company has spent time redesigning its Amazon Fresh stores to offer a better shopping experience. Customers had requested features such as easily finding products and deals, viewing receipts while shopping, and understanding how much money they saved. The “Amazon Dash Cart” aims to provide all these benefits while also eliminating the need for a checkout line.

The change was first reported by The Information, who noted that Amazon discontinued the “Just Walk Out” technology at larger Amazon Fresh stores in the U.S. However, it will remain at smaller stores and at all Amazon Go stores outside of the U.S., including the first cashier-less physical grocery store opened by Amazon in London in 2021.

By Samantha Jones

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