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New Era for San Francisco 49ers: Jed York’s Ownership Takeover and Kyle Shanahan’s Leadership

BySamantha Jones

Mar 25, 2024
Jed York set to become the primary owner of the 49ers

The San Francisco 49ers have seen a significant change in ownership with Jed York, CEO of the team, acquiring sufficient equity from his mother, Denise DeBartolo York. This move will solidify his position as the team’s owner and give him control over its operations. The league is expected to approve this change in ownership this week.

At 43 years old, York has been leading the 49ers as CEO since 2010 and will now have the opportunity to continue doing so indefinitely. Despite not achieving the same level of success as his uncle, who oversaw five Super Bowl victories for the team, York has led the 49ers to three Super Bowls under Kyle Shanahan’s coaching since 2017. However, it is worth noting that these three Super Bowl appearances did not result in any wins for the team.

Under York’s leadership, the 49ers have overcome periods of dysfunction and seen success under Shanahan’s guidance. Shanahan has led the team to two Super Bowl appearances and four playoff appearances in total. York’s ownership of the team represents a new chapter in its history with continued success under his guidance.

In summary, Jed York is set to become the principal owner of the San Francisco 49ers after acquiring sufficient equity from his mother. At 43 years old, he has been leading the team as CEO since 2010 and will continue doing so indefinitely while remaining under Kyle Shanahan’s coaching. Despite not achieving the same level of success as his uncle, he has led them to three Super Bowls without winning any but overcoming periods of dysfunction.

By Samantha Jones

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