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New Home Sales Dip in February, but Experts Predict Recovery

BySamantha Jones

Mar 25, 2024
February Sees a Decrease in New Home Sales

In February, newly built home sales declined, contrary to the trend of previously owned homes. The annual rate of new home sales in February was 5.9% higher than the previous year, despite a slight decrease from January. However, this was still below economists’ expectations of 675,000 annually. On the other hand, existing home sales saw a significant increase of 9.5% during the same month, attributed to lower interest rates easing market constraints.

High mortgage rates have caused homeowners to be hesitant about selling and buying new homes, resulting in fewer homes for sale. Many economists suggest that building more new homes could help unlock the stagnant market. Despite this challenge, experts predict that new home sales will increase over the rest of the year due to lower mortgage rates, increased supply, and a shortage of existing homes for sale. According to Nancy Vanden Houten of Oxford Economics, these factors will likely drive sales of new homes higher in 2024.

Looking ahead, economists predict that new home sales will increase over the rest of the year due to several factors. Firstly, lower mortgage rates will make it easier for buyers to secure financing for their dream homes. Secondly, an increase in supply will give buyers more options when it comes to finding their perfect house. Lastly, a shortage of existing homes for sale means that many potential buyers are turning their attention towards new builds.

While there are challenges facing the market at present – such as high mortgage rates and a lack of available properties – experts believe that these issues can be overcome with some strategic intervention from policymakers and builders alike.

In conclusion, despite a slight decline in newly built home sales compared to January 2023

By Samantha Jones

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