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New Taxes on Smoking Products: How Israel is Taking a Stand against Tobacco Harm

BySamantha Jones

Mar 27, 2024
Knesset Approves Printing Images of Smoking Damage on Tobacco Products and Cigarettes

The finance minister has recently approved a decree to increase the purchase tax on various smoking products, which resulted in an increase in the cost of a pack of cigarettes by two shekels, electronic cigarette filler by one shekel per milliliter, and rolling tobacco by 13 shekels per gram. The purchase tax on unprocessed tobacco, cigarettes, other vaping tobacco, and tobacco heating devices also went up.

The bill to raise taxes on smoking products was the result of a contentious debate held during a non-smoking day in the Knesset. The aim of this bill is to send a strong social and educational message about the risks of smoking not only to individuals but also to their environment, family, and friends.

By implementing these measures, we hope to improve public health and reduce the prevalence of smoking in the population. It is important for us to prioritize public health and take proactive steps to address the negative impact of smoking on individuals and society as a whole. By discouraging smoking through higher taxes, we can make these harmful products less accessible and affordable.

By Samantha Jones

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