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Norwegian Passengers Stranded on Sao Tome and Príncipe After Missing Boarding Deadline; Successfully Re-Embark in Senegal after Six Days of Struggle

BySamantha Jones

Apr 3, 2024
Passengers Rescued and Rejoin Cruise Ship After Pursuit Through Africa

Passengers on Norwegian Dawn cruise ship were stranded in São Tomé and Príncipe after missing the boarding deadline by over an hour. Despite efforts by the island nation’s coast guard to ferry them to the ship, adverse weather conditions and tidal restrictions prevented them from reboarding. The passengers had to return to land, leading them to attempt a re-embarkation in Banjul, Gambia.

However, unsafe docking conditions caused by adverse weather and tidal restrictions forced the group to chase the ship to Dakar, Senegal. Norwegian Cruise Line assisted the passengers with their visas and reimbursed them for the trip from Gambia to Senegal. After six days of trying to catch up with the cruise ship, eight passengers, including Jill Campbell and her husband, finally succeeded in re-embarking in Senegal on Tuesday. Despite initial reluctance due to feeling that the cruise line had failed in its duty of care, they were relieved to be back on board after their unexpected adventure.

By Samantha Jones

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