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Partnership between Grace Science and Andelyn Biosciences to Expedite GS-100 NGLY1 Deficiency Treatment: Bringing Hope to Patients

BySamantha Jones

Mar 25, 2024
Andelyn Biosciences Collaborates with Grace Science to Enhance GS-100

Grace Science LLC has partnered with Andelyn Biosciences Inc. to tech transfer and manufacture GS-100, a suspension process AAV NGLY1 gene therapy for Phase I/II/III clinical trial material for the treatment of NGLY1 Deficiency. This partnership aims to maximize program efficiency, support the ongoing clinical trial, and accelerate the critical therapy to patients suffering from NGLY1 Deficiency, a serious, life-threatening disease with no approved therapy that causes debilitating symptoms.

Andelyn Biosciences is a cell and gene therapy Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) that brings expertise in AAV processes and capabilities in late-stage manufacturing and commercial-readiness to the table. Matt Niloff, Chief Commercial Officer at Andelyn Biosciences, emphasized the strong collaboration and customer-centric focus shared by both companies, providing confidence and hope for the success of the GS-100 program.

Matt Wilsey, CEO and Co-Founder of Grace Science expressed excitement about the partnership stating that Andelyn’s expertise in AAV gene therapy manufacturing will ensure that NGLY1 patients have access to safe, high-quality drug products for their clinical trial and beyond. The partnership between Andelyn Biosciences and Grace Science aims to bring hope and relief to patients suffering from NGLY1 Deficiency through the development

By Samantha Jones

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