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Patriots Uniform Reigns Supreme as Boston’s Best of All Time!

BySamantha Jones

Mar 25, 2024
Boston Sports History Declares Classic Patriots Uniform as Best-suited

The iconic uniform of the 1985 New England Patriots has been voted as the best in Boston sports history. The voters have made their choice, and the classic look emerged as the clear winner in the bracket of Boston’s best sports uniforms.

The 1985 Patriots sported the old school New England professional football look, with red jerseys and the iconic “Pat Patriot” helmets. They defeated the “Bobby Orr Bruins Era” uniforms in the final to emerge as the winners. The final stats showed that the ’85 uniforms won with a 57-43 margin of victory.

This was a close matchup for the 1985 Patriots, as they had previously overcome the No. 1 overall seed in the bracket, the 2004 Red Sox. The 1985 Patriots also had a tough road to victory, being given a lower seed and facing challenging opponents throughout the competition. Despite these challenges, they were able to emerge victorious and claim their place as champions.

Looking at other results in this category, it’s clear that this was a tight race between several strong contenders. However, when it comes down to it, there can only be one winner – and for many Boston fans, that winner is none other than Tony Collins wearing his classic Patriots uniform.

In summary, after much deliberation and voting from Boston residents, it’s been decided: Tony Collins wearing his classic Patriots uniform is undoubtedly one of Boston’s best sports uniforms of all time!

By Samantha Jones

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