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Political Impasse Looms as US Senate Passes Bill for Ukraine Aid Amid Republican Opposition


Feb 11, 2024
US Senate Takes Important Step in Providing Financial Aid to Ukraine

On Sunday, the US Senate took a crucial step towards the adoption of massive new aid to Ukraine. However, the granting of this envelope, eagerly awaited in Kyiv, risks encountering a categorical refusal from the Trumpist Republicans in the other chamber of Congress.

In the House of Representatives, where the Republicans have a narrow majority, the measure will face stiff opposition from right-wing elected officials. The Democrats are in favor of this bill while the Republicans are divided between interventionist hawks and pro-Ukraine on one hand and isolationists on the other.

The Senate voted 67 to 27 in favor of putting Biden’s administration’s text to a vote. The bill provides 60 billion for Ukraine and 14 billion for Israel against Hamas as well as funds for Taiwan, which is a strategic ally of the United States. The next vote date in the upper house is yet to be known but it could be held at any time.

Two years after Russia’s invasion started, elected officials from America’s main military supporter country are unable to agree on funding new resources for Ukraine. Even without a mandate, former President Donald Trump recently managed to torpedo Congress’ conclusion on compromise over Ukraine package deal with his hostile declarations even though current Democratic President Joe Biden is urgently calling for these new funds.

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