• Sat. Feb 24th, 2024

President Boric honors late President Piñera by sounding the trumpet and reminding Chile of its democratic commitment


Feb 11, 2024
Showing Democratic and Republican Conviction in the Face of Populist Drift: Farewell to Sebastián Piñera

President Gabriel Boric stood alone in front of the Palacio de La Moneda, his face bearing a solemn expression as he sounded the trumpet in honor of the late president Sebastian Piñera. The scene was both moving and poignant, serving as a reminder that the weight of democracy falls on the shoulders of imperfect and worldly men and women who have accepted the burden of commanding the destinies of a country.

Despite its own challenges, Chile has faced them with greatness, showcasing its commitment to upholding democratic and republican convictions. The recent state funeral of Sebastián Piñera was a solemn affair that revealed the strength and fortitude of its leaders, demonstrating their unwavering commitment to defending democracy.

Chile has proven itself to be an oasis in the midst of economic and material progress, alluding to its prosperity as referred to by the late president. However, this oasis was marred by inequality that was decreasing much slower than income was growing, leaving citizens without experiencing the prosperity they were promised. Despite these challenges, Chile has remained steadfast in its commitment to upholding democracy and acting responsibly as voters.

The recent events in Chile have shown that it is a matter of will to defend democracy and act responsibly as leaders. It is important for all citizens to work together towards creating a better future for themselves and their country.

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