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Press Herald Quotes Fake “Compact Small business Coalition” Devoid of Disclosing Funding Ties to Liberal Dark Cash Groups


May 26, 2023

The Press Herald has however once more been duped into quoting a left-wing astroturf group that purports to represent Maine smaller enterprises.

The so-referred to as “Maine Compact Small business Coalition” sounds like a group that represents Maine smaller enterprises. If you only study the Press Herald, you most likely consider that is what it is.

But according to records from Maine’s Secretary of State, the “coalition” is truly an assumed name registered to the Maine People’s Alliance, a left-wing nonprofit funded by international dark revenue.

Press Herald reporter Joe Lawlor credulously quotes “Selecca Bulgar-Medina, director of the Maine Compact Small business Coalition” in his story on the push for new taxes to fund a state-run paid leave plan in Maine.

Press Herald reporter quotes fake organization advocate

A cursory use of Google search would have revealed that Bulgar-Medina’s fake organization group is headquartered at 565 Congress St., Suite 200. Portland, Maine 04101.

That just takes place to be the precise address and workplace suite of the Maine People’s Alliance and a host of other liberal front groups.

Such a search would have also revealed that Bulgar-Medina has in no way run a smaller organization in Maine or anyplace else.

A short assessment of Maine campaign finance would have also shown the Bulgar-Medina is listed as a “decision maker” and “fundraiser” for a Maine People’s Alliance-backed ballot query committee to advance the paid leave tax.

Political groups produced by operatives to seem like they are “grassroots” organizations are identified as astroturf.

The Maine Wire has reported on the Maine People’s Alliance‘s deceptive use of astroturf considering the fact that 2013.

For extra than a decade, distinct causes, funded by dark revenue contributions, have applied the name “Maine Compact Small business Coalition” to give the look that smaller enterprises assistance left-wing policies, which invariably signifies larger taxes.

All through that time, Maine’s liberal newspapers have either been complicit in the deception or also lazy to query the motivations of the persons they’re quoting.

The citation in this instance is especially egregious thinking about that the Maine People’s Alliance was the group that organized tens of activists to turn out in assistance of the paid leave tax bill throughout the committee hearing for the bill.

Maine campaign finance records show that “Mainers for Paid Leave BQC,” the main political group backing the ballot initiative, is also registered to the identical workplace suite in Portland.

Lawlor is correctly quoting a paid political operative, who is funded by international billionaires, and participating in the fiction that she is somehow a representative of all Maine smaller enterprises.

Press Herald readers would have no way of figuring out, primarily based on the lack of disclosure, that Bulgar-Medina, the ballot query operatives, the Maine People’s Alliance activists (which includes State Sen. Mike Tipping), are all functioning the identical group and are paid by the identical collection of dark revenue donors.

These donors contain billionaires like George Soros and S. Donald Sussman, former owner of the Press Herald, who give to Arabella Advisors, a left-wing pass via organization.

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Connected Press reporting earlier this year revealed that Swiss billionaire Hansjörg Wyss is also amongst the left-wing donors whose revenue has identified its way into Maine politics vis-a-vis Maine People’s Alliance and other groups.

To place this in terms even a Press Herald reporter could fully grasp: this would be like Exxon Mobil forming the “Maine Environmentalist Coalition” and then lobbying for larger taxes on wind energy and solar energy.

If that sounds stupid, it is for the reason that it is.

You’d have to be a true rube to acquire an apparent political deception like that.

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