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Prime Minister Pashinyan Highlights Importance of Peace Between Armenia and Azerbaijan Amidst Ongoing Tensions

BySamantha Jones

May 15, 2024
Pashinyan advocates for using border liberalization as a means to promote peace between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

During the EBRD annual meeting in Yerevan, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan emphasized the importance of fostering a culture of peace between Armenia and Azerbaijan. While protesters demanded the suspension of border demarcation and Pashinyan’s resignation, the Prime Minister highlighted the need for tools to facilitate peaceful coexistence between the two countries. He presented Armenia’s “Peace Plan” as a potential mechanism for achieving this goal.

The Prime Minister acknowledged that learning to live peacefully is no easy task, particularly in the context of an ongoing conflict with Azerbaijan. However, he emphasized that moving beyond political negotiations is crucial to building mutual understanding and cooperation between the two nations. His comments came amidst ongoing tensions and protests in the region.

The conference took place at the National Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet, with heightened security measures in place due to the presence of protesters. The demarcation process between Armenia and Azerbaijan has faced delays, with deadlines set for reaching agreements on border descriptions. Despite these challenges, Pashinyan expressed optimism about the potential for peace through dialogue and cooperation.

Overall, Pashinyan’s remarks underscored the need for innovative approaches to resolving conflicts and fostering peace between Armenia and Azerbaijan. The border liberalization process is seen as a step towards building mutual understanding and cooperation between

By Samantha Jones

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