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Protecting Patient Data: Navigating Healthcare Cybersecurity with Telehealth and Big Data

BySamantha Jones

Mar 27, 2024
“Exploring Cybersecurity Risks in the Health System: Part One” | HUB

Gina Bertolini, Sarah Carlins, and Jianne McDonald dive into the world of healthcare cybersecurity in the first part of the Triage series. The trio explores two recent initiatives by the Department of Health and Human Services aimed at mitigating cybersecurity risks in hospitals and health systems across the nation. Over the past five years, cybersecurity incidents affecting healthcare providers have skyrocketed, with the Office for Civil Rights reporting a staggering 300% increase in large data breaches involving ransomware from 2018 to 2022. This surge in cyber threats poses a significant challenge to the healthcare industry as remote care models become more prevalent and the demand for big data grows to support advanced technologies.

Sarah Carlins and Jianne McDonald focus on recent recommendations from the OCR in part one of the series, highlighting the critical role of cybersecurity measures for both healthcare providers and patients participating in telehealth services. The federal government emphasizes clear communication regarding privacy and security when it comes to electronic health information to ensure quality care in telehealth settings. As healthcare providers continue to adopt telehealth services and digital technologies, maintaining robust cybersecurity measures will be paramount in safeguarding sensitive patient data.

By Samantha Jones

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