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Pula Ready for a Spectacle as Hajduk Match Sells Out Three Stands!


Nov 21, 2023

The long-awaited derby between Hajduk from Split and Istria will take place on Sunday at the Aldo Drosina stadium in Pula. This game is expected to attract a large crowd, with 1,246 tickets remaining for the northern stand and only four left for the eastern stand. Fans of both teams have been eagerly waiting for this matchup, which will determine the outcome of the championship race.

Istria won their last meeting against Rijeka in March 2014 at Aldo Drosina stadium, where 7,500 spectators gathered. At that time, it was a record attendance for Pula stadium that no visiting Croatian team could break until now. With Hajduk’s arrival on Sunday, the central western stand and southern part are already sold out, leaving only a few tickets available in the eastern stand.

Hajduk is currently leading the championship and Istria has been performing well lately. They have not conceded a goal in two consecutive games and are expected to put up a strong performance on Sunday. The people of Split have not defeated Istria in 497 days since their last victory on July 17, 2022 at Pula’s Aldo Drosina stadium. It was a close match with scores of 2-0 by Melnjak and Livaja respectively.

This derby promises to be an exciting event with passionate fans from both sides cheering on their respective teams. The anticipation is high as both teams are vying for supremacy in the championship race. With just five days until kickoff, it’s anyone’s game!

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