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Queen’s Health System Acquires Wahiawa General Hospital, Closes Emergency Department for Renovations

BySamantha Jones

Apr 3, 2024
Hawaii hospital acquired by The Queen’s Health System

On March 18, Wahiawa General Hospital temporarily closed its emergency department due to issues with heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. This news came as a result of an asset purchase agreement that was entered into last November by the Queen’s Health System in Honolulu. The acquisition involved the participation of the nonprofit hospital’s board, providers, administration, and employees.

According to a news release on April 3, Queen’s plans to immediately renovate and enhance the Emergency Department and diagnostic services at Wahiawa General Hospital. This decision was made as Queen’s Medical Center – Wahiawa is the nearest emergency department for the residents of Wahiawa, Central O’ahu, and the North Shore, making it their initial priority. The Queen’s Health System aims to reopen the ED this summer, providing the community with improved access to healthcare services.

Through this acquisition, the community will benefit from increased access to providers, services, and specialists. Queen’s has extended employment offers to nearly 100 Wahiawa General Hospital employees and is encouraging existing hospital employees to explore opportunities within the health system. This acquisition marks a significant step towards enhancing healthcare services in the region.

By Samantha Jones

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