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Rafik Hariri Remembered in Beirut: 20 Years After Assassination and Amidst Ongoing Political Tensions


Feb 11, 2024
Beirut residents protest on the streets to send a message to Nasrallah

The people of Lebanon gathered in Beirut to honor the memory of Rafik Hariri, who was assassinated 20 years ago. They called out his son’s name in a show of solidarity and remembrance. Saad Hariri resigned as Prime Minister due to growing tensions with Iran and the fear of being assassinated like his father. In 2022, he retired from politics citing Iran’s influence on Lebanon through Hezbollah as one of the reasons for his decision. He also urged his party not to run in parliamentary elections.

The anniversary of Rafik Hariri’s death is an emotional day for the citizens of Lebanon, reminding them of the lasting impact he had on their country and the challenges they continue to face. The public display of unity and remembrance in Beirut is a powerful symbol of how his life and legacy continue to shape Lebanon today.

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