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Real Men, Real Talk: How the African American Male Wellness Agency is Tackling Mental Health Issues for Black Men through Open Dialogue

BySamantha Jones

Jun 11, 2024
AAMWA builds a community for mental health support for Black men

For years, the African American Male Wellness Agency has been working to address the mental health needs of Black men through their Real Men, Real Talk initiative. Recently, the agency has revamped their barbershop talks into a more structured program that aims to encourage open discussions about trauma, experiences, and battles. It is well known that suicide is the third leading cause of death for Black men aged 15-24 according to the National Alliance on Mental Health.

Research shows that people of color are more likely to end therapy prematurely due to cultural divides with their therapist. Dr. Rayshawn Wilson, Director of Mental Wellness at the African American Male Wellness Agency, points out that trauma, unforgiveness, racism and discrimination are major factors that prompt Black men to attend events or seek therapy services. The Real Men, Real Talk initiative provides a safe space for Black men to have conversations with those who understand their experiences and can be trusted or provide mentorship.

The program encourages open dialogue among Black men by creating a supportive community where shared experiences can lead to individuals feeling more comfortable sharing their own struggles. Through this program, men can offer support, share strategies and build connections with one another. The African American Male Wellness Agency currently serves 18 cities nationwide including Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati and Toledo and will be hosting a national Real Men

By Samantha Jones

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