• Thu. Sep 28th, 2023

Reedley College Expands Flight Science Program with Addition of 5 New Airplanes


Sep 19, 2023
Reedley College Expands Flight Science Program with Addition of 5 New Airplanes

The flight science program at Reedley College in Reedley, California is making strides in helping students achieve their flying careers. The program coordinator, Jaime Luque, explains that the program has recently acquired new airplanes, specifically five Skyleader 600s, through a grant. The goal of these new planes is to enhance safety while also lowering the cost of flight training. Currently, two airplanes are already on campus and three more are expected to arrive by December. The cost savings achieved through these new planes will be passed along to the students, making the program more affordable.

According to Luque, a two-year degree in the flight science program will cost around $50,000. This is significantly cheaper compared to private flight training, which can range from $90,000 to $120,000. The availability of financial aid options allows students to offset some of these costs and pursue a rewarding career in aviation. Luque emphasizes that there is a high demand for pilots in the aviation career field, and with Reedley College’s new planes, cost savings, and central location, they hope to provide students with better opportunities to enter this profession.

Overall, the addition of new planes to the flight science program at Reedley College is helping to reduce costs and enhance safety. This not only benefits the students financially, but also increases their chances of pursuing a successful career in aviation. With the program’s focus on providing up-to-date technology and training requirements, students are gaining knowledge and skills that are on par with the airline industry. By investing in these new planes and passing on the cost savings to the students, Reedley College aims to support their students’ aspirations and help them take to the friendly skies.

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