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Regional CEO Pitch Showcases Young Entrepreneurs’ Business Ideas and Teaches Valuable Life Skills

BySamantha Jones

Apr 4, 2024
Second Regional CEO Pitch Showcases Young Entrepreneurs’ Business Ideas

The Regional CEO Pitch, now in its second year, has once again brought together young entrepreneurs from the multi-county CEO program in Mt. Sterling, Illinois. This time around, high school students from McDonough, Hancock, Pike, Brown, and Schuyler counties showcased their business ideas to a panel of three judges.

The program emphasizes the importance of maturity and dedication in young adults, teaching students how to become responsible members of society. Many participants have found the experience valuable in developing their communication and life skills. Maycie McCombs, creator of Maycie’s Meals, spoke about the seriousness of the program and encouraged others to take it seriously. Karly Gallaher, who presented senior home health care service “Karly’s Kare,” also highlighted the importance of the program and how it had helped her grow as an individual.

Justice Keene was awarded first place for his local broadcast “Bomber Sports Network,” while Karly Gallaher took second place for her senior home health care service “Karly’s Kare.” Wesley McEwen came in third for his 3D printing service “Dream 3D.” These young entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to showcase their businesses at a trade show on April 12 at Crossing Camp in Rushville, Illinois. The event is open to the public and promises to be a great way to see what these talented young people have to offer.

By Samantha Jones

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