• Wed. Dec 6th, 2023

Remember to Support Small Businesses on November 25, 2023 with Small Business Saturday!


Nov 21, 2023

Small businesses are often referred to as the backbone of the economy, and for good reason. In New York State, these businesses continue to face a challenging tax climate, made even more difficult by the impacts of COVID-19. As small businesses struggle to survive, it is important for both government and individuals to take steps to support them and improve the economic climate.

In addition to government action, individuals can also make a difference by supporting local small businesses. Many people have small stores and shops right in their own community that offer unique and meaningful gifts. Small businesses on Main Street, Market Street, Water Street, and elsewhere need our support now more than ever.

One nationwide event, “Small Business Saturday,” aims to support small businesses and make a positive impact. This year, the event will take place on Saturday, November 25th. By shopping at local small businesses and participating in events like “Small Business Saturday,” we can all make a difference for the businesses that are so crucial to the economy.

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