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Ressa and Aneja Discuss the Implications of AI in the Global South


Feb 12, 2024
AI and its Impact on the Global South: A Series on Technology

Nobel Peace Prize laureate Maria Ressa and Urvashi Aneja discussed the impact of current AI developments on the Global South in a 25-minute 17-second Studio B: Unscripted video. The video, published on February 12, 2024, aimed to spark discussion about the implications of AI in the Global South.

Ressa and Aneja highlighted the importance of questioning who benefits from AI technology and what the costs are, particularly when much of the labor that powers the AI boom is based in the Global South. They emphasized that countries must move beyond simply “catching up with the North” when considering their role in AI society.

The video also explored how AI is already affecting Global South communities, including labor conditions, democracy, and the environment. Ressa and Aneja encouraged viewers to share their thoughts on social media to continue the conversation around this critical topic.

Overall, Ressa and Aneja’s discussion sheds light on a pressing issue that requires urgent attention from policymakers and citizens alike. It’s essential to consider not only how AI can benefit us but also how it affects marginalized communities worldwide.

In conclusion, it’s crucial to have open discussions about technology’s impact on society to ensure that everyone benefits equally. As we continue to advance in technology, we must remember that every action has consequences, especially for those who may be disadvantaged by it.

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